Tyro Workshop Kite.Tyro
Suspended Wing Delta - Workshop Kite

The TYRO is an ultralight single line kite and indoor glider. This kite can be flown outdoors in little to no wind or can be flown indoors as a glider. For higher wind conditions all you will need to do is to attach a drogue or short tail and play with the wind as before. We feel the TYRO will soon become your new favorite single line kite.

The Tyro can be disassembled and packed up into a 24" bag. This makes it a perfect travel kite. Take it on vacation, hiking, camping or just a day at the park.

What you will need for the workshop:

  • Razor knife or snap off blade knife.
  • Scissors, and /or thread clips
  • Extra machine needles. (Recommend)11-12 maybe 14 for 3.9oz Dacron.
  • Extension cord/power strip
  • Pencil
  • Lighter to melt threads and bridle line.
  • Small ruler- metal ones are nice
  • Thread - You will need a good quality polyester or nylon. If you thread is on a cone it should come off the top and you will need a thread stand.

  • Notes on construction: Panels for this project are sewn together using 1/4" flat felled seams. You will also be sewing a rolled hem on the front and rear sail. You can get by with a single stich on all sewing. There are some places that a zigzag or serpentine stitch would be better.

    Make sure your sewing machine is in good working order and that you are familiar with the setup and use of your machine before the workshop.

    Wing span
    Wind range
    Recommended line

    Poly P-31
    .125 Pultruded w/ .050 mcbn Battens
    48" - 2 x 24"
    40" - 2 x 20"
    1.6 oz., 46 g
    0 mph. to 10 mph.
    20-30 lb. Dacron or Spectra.

    Click here to see YouTube video