The Fulcrum.85 is the natural evolution of the Fulcrum family. Utilizing the same cutting edge design approach while further refining the details, we have condensed the essence of the Fulcrum into an even more focused quad line sport kite - dialing it in to a higher frequency.

Scaling the design expands its trick capably, generating faster rotations with greater ease and agility. Combinations of tricks with Dead Launches and Fades are standard. Yo-Yo’s, Flick-Flacks, Lazy Susan’s, Flat Spins / 540’s, and even 720’s are all easily accessible. Forward and reverse speed is exhilarating. Turn rate is incredible. Change of direction is sharp and immediate. The Fulcrum.85 is simply awesome to fly.

The Fulcrum.85 retains all the finesse and subtlety of the larger model with the same exacting precision, solid tracking and huge wind-window. You feel the same positive feedback on the lines with less pull, making it simple for the newcomer to fly - thanks to the 3D sail - allowing the kite to launch from any orientation. Like the larger model, the Fulcrum.85 benefits from the interchangeable Sky Shark carbon spar combinations.

The world’s most capable sport kite, evolved.




Sail PC 31 Icarex
Frame Center tube New Sky Shark P-400 Pro with 5PT’s outers. Uprights & leading edges P200
Wing Span 90" / 228.5cm
Height 27" / 68.5cm
Weight 9.5 oz.
Wind Range 4mph - 18mph / 6kph - 28kph
Wind Range - Standard 4mph - 18mph / 6kph - 28kph
Wind Range - UL 2mph - 10mph / 3kph - 16kph
To change to UL - Center P3X with 3pt outside tubes

Standard colors: FloPink, Red, Purple | Black / Grey | LightBlue, RoyalBlue, Midnight | Gold, Orange, Red

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Fulcrum Colorizer

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Color selected: Black 

Frame Specifications

Outside Leading Edges Sky Shark P200
Main Uprights Sky Shark P100 / P200 Vent
Center Struts with T 4mm (0.156) carbon tube
Middle Battens 3mm (0.188mcr)
Main Middle Spar XLS 32.5"/82.5cm (UL frame Nitro Lite)
Stand-off - front side 0.125" fiberglass tube at 71/8"/180 mm
Stand-off - back side 0.156" (4mm) carbon tube at 71/8"/180mm
Bridle 200lb spectra core bridle