A Silver Lining

Originating from a previous project called Scope, the Spurs arose from a spur of motivation within the COVID-19 pandemic. The final product is a speedy ¾ sized kite encompassing solid pull and a deep yet recoverable backflip. The Spur series gives a pilot an ability to execute their style with intention and accuracy, while teaching said pilot to drive a kite into motion and then step back and enjoy the ride.

Flier support is never taken for granted, and the many fliers that have helped us with the build, processing our thoughts, and providing flight feedback are no exception. These people include the Trennepohl family, Carl Robertshaw, Chris Goff, Jim McEvoy, Gerald Trotman, Brett Marchel, and countless others.

The Spur series is built in the USA: Sails crafted by John McCracken, design and bridles by Devin Cobleigh-Morrison, Sky Shark frames produced and built by Jon Trennepohl.



Standard Frame

Upper Leading Edge: P1X
Lower Leading Edge: P2X
Lower Spreaders: P2X
Spine: P2X
Standoffs: Carbon
Sail: Icarex/pc 31
Bridle: 3 point
Wingspan: 87.5 inches
Wind Range: 5 mph - 25 mph

Ultralite Frame

Upper Leading Edge: P90
Lower Leading Edge: P100
Lower Spreaders: Sanded 3PT
Spine: P1X
Standoffs: Fiberglass
Sail: Icarex/pc 31
Bridle: 3 point
Wingspan: 87.5 inches
Wind Range: 2 mph - 15 mph

Standard colors:

Purple, Black, White, Silver Royal Blue, Silver, White
Flo Green, Black, Silver Yellow, Black, Silver, Charcoal
Charcoal, Black, White, Red

Spur Colorizer

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The colors here represent available fabric colors. The actual fabric color may be different from what is shown. Sky Burner Kites takes no responsibility if the color you pick does not match the actual fabric color.

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